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  • 16 Hands: Six participating Studios featuring Pottery and Woodworking
    1. In the foothills of the Blue Ridge there is an enclave of craftsmen who, over the past 25 years, have solidified deep friendships as well as a network of creative, technical, and professional support. Drawn to the area by it's beauty and tranquility, they established, with much determination, working studios, vital careers and a way of life.

  • Alchemist Paints and Varnishes
    1. Available for the first time in our century...pure amber varnish made by traditional methods as described in 16th and 17th Century manuscripts.

  • Alex Funk Design
    1. Graphics and electronic design services in Floyd, VA. Sitesmithing and host services. Multimedia productions; catalogs on the web and on disk. Electronic test equipment, including: a small, cheap, combinatorial logic probe/scope trigger with up to 5 low, 4 hi inputs. Think of it as a poor person's logic analyzer. The only piece of digital test equipment you need besides your brain, scope and schematic!

  • Artisans of Floyd County: Floyd County's Post-Industrial Park
    1. High quality traditional Appalachian and New Age crafts, often created to custom specifications at competitive prices by the local artisans of Floyd County, Virginia. Web pages up to 50kB in size are available without charge on this site to qualifying artisans who live in Floyd County and who do not own storefronts through which they distribute their offerings.

  • Cedar Wind Flutes by Chris Deerheart
    1. Since time immemorial, these flutes have been played on this continent and only recently have their melodies reached the average non-Indian person, stimulating interest in their unique sound.

  • Celtic
    1. The appreciation of modern works in the Celtic tradition derives its best foundation from an understanding of the historical milieu from which it sprang. That the Celts bravely resisted imperialist Rome, and succumbed in doing so, may be one of the reasons their heroism is held in such high esteem by free-spirited people everywhere around the world today.

  • Floyd County Community Calendar [ 20 kilobytes]
    1. A FREE listing of Community Events to See and Do hosted by service organizations, schools, dance and crafts groups, and individuals within a 50 mile radius of Floyd, Virginia. Submit events via e-mail from the form linked to from the page or call [540] 789-4242.

  • Floyd County IN View
    1. What CAN'T you find on this site? You could easily make this one, maintained by Jon "J.R." Ratner, your home page.

  • Floyd's Human Resource Directory
    1. Will Bason's Human Resource Directory (HRD) is in the process of being reborn. First published in 1986 by the Community Educational Resource Co-operative (CERC), the parent organization of the Blue Mountain School, the HRD sought to list the talents and needs of the CERC members. Alphabetized sections listed contact information for CERC members, skills and needs. It was available for anyone in the community who wanted to learn, hire or borrow specific skill areas.

  • Foundation Stone
    1. Floyd's Official Reggae Band. More to come.

  • Glances Through Glass
    1. High-quality hand-blown pyrex glass Tobacco Pipes, Jars and Beads.

  • Hawk's Ridge Retreat and Sanctuary.
    1. Established to provide a place or natural beauty and solitude which serves as an eco-spiritual retreat for humans and a sanctuary for native plants and wildlife. In addition to hosting websites, we can train you to maintain your own site.

  • Herbal
    1. Allopathic Medicine seeks to find unary antagonists in disease etiology, and thus uses highly refined, distilled and isolated "magic bullets" to reverse pathogenic inroads on our health. Conversely, Herbal Medicine is part of a wholistic approach, seeing health as the outcome of many factors in a complex environment which includes nutrition, toxic influences, parasites, exercise, rest and emotion.

      As a rule of thumb, the closer an herbal preparation is to the live plant, the more efficacious the remedy. seeks to help you find herbal sources that are close to you so you can find preparations that are local, immediate, unprocessed, and fresh.

  • Lodging in and around Floyd County [ 5 kilobytes]
    1. Inns, motels and bed and breakfasts in and around Floyd County, Virginia. This list includes e-mail and home page Web @ddresses when we can find them.

  • New River Valley Trader [ 40 kilobytes]
    1. Buy, sell or trade household items, you name it. A FREE community service of Alex Funk Design for residents of the New River Valley.

    1. If trees interest you, you will find Paulownia difficult to ignore. Highly prized for its easily-worked wood and its ability to establish a quick canopy, this tree with leaves as large as a meter wide is condemned as an invasive weed by some outside its native Japan, where it no longer exists.

  • Radiance Network
    1. MANA is a creative-spiritual force that flows through the universe. The more MANA you possess, the more your body, mind and spirit radiate health and wholeness. Mana Cards interweave images, teachings, chants and interpretations to offer you ways to increase MANA in your life.

  • Renewable Energy
    1. A Small scale approach to energy yields many benefits: More local employment, Increased local energy cost/benefit expertise, Decreased reliance on others to provide energy, and more importantly, store resultant waste products, hence a reduction in the NIMBY factor...

  • Savannah Grande
    1. Making memories is what Savannah Grande, in Gainesville, Florida, is all about. They make creative, and tasteful ideas become reality. Everything from elegant weddings, equestrian brunches, jazz concerts, retirement parties, club functions and much more comes to life in the beautiful rooms at Savannah Grande.

  • Sentinel 2000 Enterprises
    1. Do-it-yourself Indoor Environmental Testing Kit for Air, Water, Paint, etc.
      Free e-mail consultations on environmental problems in your home or work place.
      Environmental Investigations - licensed, professional on-site surveys and solutions, among other interesting products.

  • Seven Springs Farm Organic Farming and Gardening Supplies. [ 63 kilobytes]
    1. This online catalog contains the complete range of products offered by this supplier located in Check, Virginia. No computer facilities on site (and they want to keep it that way). Order by phone or in person. Closed Sundays.

  • Thorvin, USA is the importer of the world's finest kelp.
    1. Thorvin Kelp has been sold in the United States since 1984. They have searched the globe for the best quality ocean kelps. Now they import this renewable resource that draws from the strength of the sea to provide a wealth of benefits.

  • Tom Phelps Pottery
    1. Produces a wide variety of functional stoneware pottery as well as ornamental pieces for the home. More traditional salt-glazed pottery is supplemented with face jugs, christmas ornaments and wall hangings. This site is a work in progress by Tom's webmistress and partner, Carol.

  • Ultralight.Org: Personal Flight is the future
    1. Since the first flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC, personal aviation has grown little compared to commercial aviation. exists to help change that. We seek to feature self-contained vehicles that can take off from most anywhere, rather than ones requiring specialized infrastructure or wind conditions.

  • Underwood's Classic Cars
    1. Nestled in a hollow deep in the hills of south west Virginia near Callaway lies a treasure of classic and antique cars and parts of a type that has very nearly disappeared from the American scene. In time, it too will be gone, swept away by the unswerving forces of gentrification permeating every swale of our rural communities. For now, however, this vintage auto repository remains an opportunity for those who recognize their value, to get a piece of history at a price almost anyone would agree is fair.

  • Waxing Moon Candles and Little River Incense
    1. Just off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in historic Floyd County, Virginia. Since 1991 our family-run chandlery has strived to keep alive the time-honored tradition of candle-making. Combining shape and color combinations, we are creating "one of a kind" pieces of Burnable Art. This site has been removed for non-payment.

  • Winter Sun Fashion
    1. Beautiful clothing you can live in and love: rich colors, soft fabrics, and above all comfort and ease of care. In 1983, Anga Miller, an art school graduate from North Carolina, discovered the magic of Ecuador. Here in the Andean Mountain village of Otavalo, Anga Miller produces clothing that is the result of an elaborate process combining handpainting, hand dying and wax resisitant batik, introducing a new art form to a local culture that was already rich in artisanship but greatly in need of innovative ideas.

  • Women's Resource Center of Radford, VA
    1. The Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley, Inc. (WRC) provides programs and services for adult and child victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It is a private, non-profit human service agency serving victims who live in the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski, and the City of Radford.

  • XY Lab
    1. XYLab custom cuts masks and resists for many industrial processes including sandblasting, painting and chemical etching. Their films will adhere to glass, wood, metal, stone, plastic and other substrates. Production runs of any size and quantity are possible. CNC DESIGN SERVICE for your xy axis machines is also available. Images can be translated or converted to a technical machine language.


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